If you were bummed that you couldn’t watch The Mindy Project last week because a basketball game was on instead…if March Madness pertains more to your feelings than to sports…if Bracketology sounds like a fancy new tax law from Obama, you’re in the right place!! Welcome to IRIS Sports: the non-sports-fan’s sports page. Here are this week’s top 5 water-cooler-worthy happenings…

1) Today is Selection Sunday. A whole lotta love schools all over the country have been playing their hearts out for the past week. Men’s Division I College Basketball teams were not only vying for their respective conference titles, but to become 1 of the 64 teams who make it to the NCAA 2015 Tournament. A team makes it in by 1] winning its conference tourney 2] winning its conference’s regular season 3] This is where it gets interesting. There’s a committee who figures out the rest of the teams. There are power rankings to consider and things like “Strength of Schedule.” If your record is 10 Wins-8 Losses and you played Cheech & Chong’s local yo-yo University Basketball Clowns every other game, that does not help your “SOS” ranking. If you played a bunch of nationally ranked teams and even beat a few (helllloooo NC State), that matters. Today is the day they announce all 64 teams. Exciting stuff! Drum roll…. Here are the results, aka the BRACKET. The games start this week!!

2) The NIT. If you don’t get a bid for the NCAA Tournament, your team might get invited to the National Invitational Tournament. Make no mistake, any die-hard basketball fan is not happy their team is in this tournament. It’s runner-up’s-ville, USA. The games start this week. (conspicuously missing exclamation point)

3) The University of Kentucky. Kentucky is ranked #1 in the country. They have won every single one of their 34 games this season. This is the longest winning streak going into the NCAA tourney since 1985. I love that there is a possibility that some small yo-yo team could come along and slay this dragon. It’s why they play the games instead of just handing the trophy over to KY.

4) Why I Love Sports. The Albany GREAT DANES (really? I guess it’s a fitting mascot for basketball team) defeated the Stony Brook SEAWOLVES to win the America East Championship and a bid to the NCAA tournament. (What is a Seawolf, you ask? According to the Stony Brook, it’s a mythical creature and according to legend anyone fortunate enough to view it is subject to good luck. Well that seems inconvenient. ) Onward. There is an Australian kid named Peter Hooley who plays for Albany. Hooley lost his mother to cancer 6 weeks ago. He missed a lot of the season to be by her bedside in Australia. This kid hit the game winning 3 pointer to secure his team’s trip to the NCAA – Check it out —> http://espn.go.com/video/clip?id=espn:12485580 Pretty great.

5) In other sports… Golf: The Masters (Augusta, green jacket) is coming up April 11-14th. Pro Basketball: The playoffs begin at the end of the month. Pro Football: Free Agency just started which means there is wheeling and dealing going on and you’ll see players moving from one team to another. Pro Baseball is in spring training and the season officially opens in April. And last but not least, there is a Boxing match coming up that has been 10 years in the making and is being dubbed the Fight of the Century. Manny Pacquiao vs. Floyd Mayweather, Jr. May 2, 2015. This future fight even has its own Wikipedia page HERE.

Have a great week!



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