A few years ago I was at a party being held in an art gallery. My friends and I stationed ourselves with hors d’oeuvres and drinks at a small table in front of a large, linear, simplistic painting. It was contemporary and expensive. “Whoa, that painting cost fourteen thousand dollars!” I announced. “I could have painted that!” Everyone agreed. We moved on. Throughout the evening I must have pointed out the way-overpriced-by-my-standards painting numerous times because the last time I said, “I mean, I could have done that,” a friend looked squarely at me and said, “I think the point is you didn’t.”

Bam! Well said. I felt like I’d been hit over the head with a large, linear, fourteen thousand dollar painting. 

I love to write. It brings me joy & balance. My hope is that my words might do the same for you. So here’s my version of a fourteen thousand dollar painting – for free! Enjoy.

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